Wholesale Potatoes

Supplying wholesale potatoes
UK wide

We have a broad customer base of wholesale customers including cash and carries, national wholesale markets and individual food outlets.

The wholesale markets face fierce competition from cheap retailers and as such, require good quality bright tubers at a competitive price. It is essential that we plan our procurement and pack efficiently to meet their needs.

We supply E. Park or Farm branded potatoes, as well as in customer own branding.

Why choose
E. Park & Sons?

We are always mindful when supplying into the wholesale markets who the end user will be, as many sell onto other merchants, small grocery shops, farm shops, caterers and restaurants. As such, we need to ensure that the varieties and size of potatoes that are packed are suitable for the end user.


We procure seasonal potatoes such as Maris Peer from Majorca or Spunta from Cyprus, which are very popular with the wholesale sector. This sector is enthusiastic about having a "best in season" offering whenever possible.

Our wholesale potatoes can be packed into

25 kg sacks

15kg & 10kg boxes

2kg Poly bags

We have the flexibility to pack into any sized paper sack, box or poly bag to meet your needs.

7 days a week

Some of our larger customers order via EDI, others will call by phone, on an ad hoc basis. We deliver into customer depots 7 days a week and can offer deliveries directly into local restaurants, if requested.

UK Wide

We deliver our wholesale potatoes UK wide and do so with quality and speed.


We operate our wholesale potato business hand in hand with our retail potato supplier business, managing quality and traceability from seed to the plate.