Potato Suppliers
to Retailers

Specialist UK potato suppliers, friendly and professional

We supply our potatoes into several major retailers, small chains, and independents 7 days a week, 364 days per year.

As a family orientated potato supplier, we strive to have true partnerships with our retail customers by embracing shared values. We deliver the most suitable varieties for the consumer, in the pack formats they need, when they need it. All our customers are unique. We tailor bespoke ranges, varieties and pack formats to ensure that the customer has a compelling offering for their consumer.

We supply both own label and EPS branded potatoes into the retail sector.

Why choose
E. Park & Sons?

We use market data to track and forecast the latest potato trends within the retail sector. Our consumer insight allows us to work collaboratively with our customers, to ensure they have the best products, in the optimum formats, to meet their own customers’ needs.

Our growing programme is tailored to offer "best in season" to our retail customers.

How we work from field to fork

We manage our quality and traceability from seed to your plate. We supply quality seed potatoes to our growers and buy back the ware. Land selection, location, and variety choice all play important roles in ensuring that we meet the needs of the customer and ultimately, the end user.

Visiting the farms

Our fieldsmen visit the farms to ensure that all crops have good skin finishes and meet customer specific requirements before they are brought into the factory. On farm storage facilities are also checked and agronomic support is offered where needed.

Crops are assessed

Crops are assessed at intake. Various customer specific tests are carried out at this stage including rumbling, frying and dry matter tests. In addition, quality control assessments are undertaken.

Procurement Plan

Our planned procurement schedules and on-site storage allows us to take control of the potatoes once harvested.

Packing Process

During the packing process, we ensure that all customer specification requirements are met. These requirements are bespoke for each sector that we supply.


All products are shelf life tested by replicating in store conditions (temperature and lighting conditions), for the duration of the given shelf life.