Did you know…

We have a broad customer base including the crisping, peeled, prepared and added value market.

Variety selection is paramount to deliver consistent taste, texture and colour finish, as required by our customers.

We can supply bespoke specifications for our customers, from 5kg poly bags to whole bulkers of potatoes.

As with all our customers, we have full traceability from the field to the finished product for all our processing potatoes.

In many instances, we will replicate the end product to ensure that the quality is perfect for the customers’ needs, before the product is despatched. Other checks that are of high importance include dry matter, acrylamide levels, rumble time  and skin finish tests.

Placing an Order

We pack and deliver potatoes to our processing customers 7 days a week, 364 days per year. Orders are placed via EDI, by email or over the phone.

New product development

Our NPD programme has a number of varieties which have been developed specifically for the processing sector, to deliver the attributes required for the end product.

Brits eat half a billion crisps a day

which are made out of 17million potatoes. We eat more than anyone else in Europe – an average 100 packs each annually.