Our Growers

Our grower partnerships are one of the key pillars upon which our business is built. They are an integral asset to our success.

Through our dedicated team, including our Agronomist, Fieldsmen and Procurement Managers, we share expert advice with our growers covering areas such as: varietal information and planting advice; how to overcome seasonal challenges; and pest and disease prevention methods.

We share data from previous seasons and field trials with our growers. We provide the growers with legal updates which may affect their businesses, as well as conveying and updating them on customer specific requirements.

The collaborative working partnership that we have with our growers is incredibly important to us. Through our ongoing relationships, our growers understand our customers’ individual requirements and grow ‘to order’ through strategically planned and contracted procurement.

We work with our growers to ensure they are growing the best varieties for their land selection to deliver the best eating experience for our customers.

We are proud to have worked with many of our growers for several generations, both within the UK and overseas. Geographically, they are well spread to minimise risk. This also give us the ability to supply regional products and "best in season" to our customers.

We feel our unique working relationship with our growers, over many years, gives us many advantages over our competitors.