We are entering our 23rd year as an organic packer of potatoes for major supermarket retailers.

During the last 22 years, we have seen sales increase as consumers look to shop responsibly and eat cleanly.

In organic farming, natural methods are relied upon to control pests and diseases. These include well designed crop rotations, encouraging natural predators, developing good soil conditions and producing healthy crops which have a natural resistance to pests and diseases.

We work hard to select the best eating varieties in conjunction with our Shropshire and Herefordshire growers for potatoes that are destined to go to our customers.

The focus is very much on varieties that have natural blight resistance. Our growers are always prepared to try new varieties with natural blight resistance, on a field scale basis.

Loose-skin potatoes start in mid June, with set-skin potatoes available from early August.

“Best in season” coincides with Organic September, a campaign designed to encourage consumers to try organic. The campaign shouts about the role that organic food plays in building healthy soils and protecting the environment.

Early season Salad potato varieties include  – Jester, Alexia, Athlete.

Maincrop potatoes varieties include  – Triplo, Lady Balfour, Valor, Acoustic, Twister, Twinner, Carolus and Kelly. All have fabulous flavour and taste. These varieties’ versatility making them great for boiling, frying, chipping and mashing.

Nick Taylor, Organic Grower

"Our objective is to make affordable organic produce accessible to as many people as we possibly can. We hope to achieve this through sustained improvement of our systems resulting in increased efficiency and quality. In addition we are continuously looking at ways of extending our growing season enabling us to supply our quality produce all year round."