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We have had superb results during the 2022 harvest season, with five varieties going forward for National Listing

The partnership of E. Park & Sons, Grampian Growers and Skea Organics (GPS) was established in 2012.

The NPD programme, which is now in its 11th year, saw some superb results again during the harvest of 2022, with five varieties going forward for National Listing.

We are currently reviewing submitting further national listings for the next set of varieties which are coming through the GPS breeding programme.

This year will see another seed crossing, this is the start of a 10 year process. 

Our long-term objectives for the NPD are to develop


Over the storage season, growing seasons & land type variations


Agronomic weakness susceptibility to disease & cosmetics


Lower inputs of water, chemicals & fertilisers


Packable yields & size profiling, with varieties that can be grown within our local grower base

Taste Panel & Benchmarking

Internally and with our customers, ultimately making the work relevant and meet the needs of the end user

The Trial Plot

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Company Research Initiatives

Running alongside our NPD programme are a number of company research initiatives which ensure that we drive forward our long term goals of: increasing quality attributes such as skin finish and taste; finding more sustainable varieties; and increasing packing yields and commercials. These goals allow our supply chain to develop, excel and most importantly, mitigate against ongoing risks facing our industry.

Working closely with our growers ensures that our company research initiatives benefits all parties. Through shared information with the growers, the breeders and the customer, we are able to ensure that the correct variety is used in the appropriate situation, so as to meet the long term goals of our initiatives.

Looking after the needs of our growers is of paramount importance to us

We supply seed to our growers and buy back the ware. Our fieldsmen visit the farms to ensure that the crops are healthy and looking good before coming into the Packhouse. Agronomic support is always available to our growers whenever it is needed.