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Import & Export

We buy potatoes from France, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus, Majorca, Israel and Egypt.

We have worked with many of our overseas growers for over 30 years; these long standing relationships have been built through the generations.

We buy from different countries depending on the market needs in the UK.

From France, Holland and Belgium, we purchase good skin finish varieties such as Melody for the retail sector, when UK supplies are short.  We also buy salad and chipping varieties when UK supplies have been exhausted, from these countries.

We can collect or have potatoes delivered from Europe the next day. Potatoes shipped by sea take approximately 1 week.

From Cyprus we purchase Spunta

which are available when they are “best in season”. This variety is  very popular with the wholesale markets.

From Majorca we purchase Maris Peer

which are seasonal and again are very popular with the wholesale markets.

From Israel and Egypt we purchase salad varieties, organics and Maris Piper

which are packed for our retail customers. Potatoes grown in these warmer climates have super irrigation systems in place.

From Europe the potatoes are shipped by truck. Potatoes from further afield, such as Israel, are transported by sea in temperature controlled containers.


Potatoes that we buy from France, Holland and Belgium are shipped in sacks, 1 tonne jumbo bags and bulkers. Potatoes from Cyprus and Majorca are shipped in sacks. Egyptian and Israeli potatoes arrive in 1 tonne jumbo bags.

Exporting our Potatoes

We export potatoes suitable for retailers (those with good washing quality). These potatoes are exported to countries where there may be a shortage of stock.

For Europe, all potatoes are shipped in 1 tonne jumbo bags and go by road. The Canary Islands, Middle Eastern and Asian countries have their potatoes packed in 20kg – 25kg paper sacks and hessian bags. They are then shipped in temperature controlled containers.

Exports to Europe are driven by shortages. Other countries such as the Canary Islands don’t have the quality required and so buy from the UK.

The most common varieties that we ship overseas are the same varieties used by our UK retailers, including Melody, Estima, Orchestra and Marfona.