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Did you know…

We supply to fish & chip shops around the North West. You can also collect your potatoes from us!

We supply early varieties such as Accord, Amora, Daisy, Victoria and Miranda to Fish & Chip shops. These are followed by main season varieties such as Sagitta, Challenger, Ramos, Agria, Eurostar and Performer.

As soon as the early varieties are ready, many chip shops want to switch onto them as the taste is superior to the old season varieties which lose some of their flavour during storage.

The majority of our chipping potatoes are sold in 25kg paper sacks which are usually farm or E. Park branded.

Each of our chip shops have their own preference as to which variety they use. Some like a yellow fleshed potato, whilst others like a white flesh. Some chip shops like a darker fry, whilst others like a lighter fry. Some of our most popular potatoes are grown in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, which have great flavour due to the silt-type land that they are grown on.

We can help you pick the perfect potato for your customers!

What makes an ideal chip?

Potatoes with high dry matter and low sugar content – these deliver a fluffy chip which don’t darken too much during frying.

We supply directly to chip shops in the North West and into other potato merchants supplying chip shops nationally.

Placing an Order

Orders can be placed with the delivery drivers or a call into the office will secure stock. In most cases we can deliver the next day and there is no minimum order quantity. If local shops have run out of stock, we can deliver on the day by offering an hour delivery window.

Delivery to North West

We supply directly to chip shops in the North West and into other potato merchants supplying chip shops nationally.

Collect from us

Chip shops are also welcome to collect directly from our own warehouse in Wilmslow.

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