Did you know…

We save enough water every year to fill 85 Olympic swimming pools.

All of our water is recycled. Our organic products use potable water, which is then streamed back into the recycling system. Fresh rainwater from the roof is channelled into our lagoon, which is a haven for wildlife including Ducks, Coots, Moorhens and Water Voles.

Growers are not always able to control or gain access to water but manage this by building reservoirs that are ‘winter filled’.

One of the largest roof top Solar Panel Installations in the UK

25% of our electricity

for the site is generated from the installation

465,000 kWh

of electricity per annum generated

In context
The amount of electricity generated would light 99,000 Christmas Trees or make 2.3 million cups of tea!

Our lagoon is a haven for wildlife including Ducks, Coots, Moorhens and Water Voles

Increasing Sustainability 

One of the aims of our long-terms NPD programme is focused on developing varieties that have sustainable attributes.

This could be varieties that need less water, chemicals and fertilisers, reducing the costs and complexities for the growers whilst protecting the environment.

We have reduced all of our packaging

20 Tonnes

per year saved by reducing the micron on all of our plastic packs

100 Tonnes

of cardboard saved per year by switching our customers who take potatoes in boxes to sacks

Picture this
1 ton of paper = 24 trees therefore we are saving 2,400 trees per year.

Invested in 2 biomass boilers

that burn all of our non-returnable pallets

100% of our annual heating

for the factory and offices is produced by these

200,000 kWh

of heat is produced per year

Picture this
We produce enough energy to heat 84,000 ovens or cook 1 million Yorkshire Puddings (based on each oven cooking a dozen Yorkies).