E. Park & Sons donate potatoes to local community project

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We were delighted to link up with  local charity ‘Moorends Miners Welfare & Community Development Centre’ this week donating potatoes for their ongoing project delivering food parcels to the most vulnerable residents in our local community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The help on average 100 households per week. Some of these households are 1 or 2 person, others are large families. At its peak the team from the community project were delivering 200 food parcels per week, all going to those who are vulnerable, shielding or isolating during this difficult time.

A typical parcel for the week will include potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit, bread, fresh chicken, tin produce like beans, tuna, soup, pasta and sauce plus other treats they have managed to secure from donations.

The project had a dedication skeleton crew of volunteers who work week in week out to help the local community. The also delivery activity packs and give advice and information to elderly & vulnerable resident’s. those with poor health and mobility, residents who are critically ill and isolating away from family and friends, families and young children struggling in poverty, those adversely impacted by job losses and reduced income and those struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Contact the group at: susan@mmwcdc.org.uk  or follow them on facebook www.facebook.com/mmwcdc

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