E. Park Links up with Sustainable Power Provider.

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Here at E Park, we are proud to have a robust, renewable energy program in place. Our biomass boilers provide 100% of our annual heating requirements, whilst our solar panels generate approximately 25% of our electricity needs. We, as an environmentally conscious business, are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

As such, we have been looking for a sustainable, green, energy supplier to fulfil our remaining electricity requirements.

As such, we are proud to announce that we have formed a key partnership with Haven Power Limited, part of Drax Group plc, who will be responsible for providing us with our outstanding electricity needs. Haven Power uses responsibly sourced, biomass, electricity which produces 86% less carbon than coal generated power.

Paul Sheffield, Company Director at Haven Power, said: “Our industrial and commercial customers are looking to their energy supplier to lead the way in sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. E. Park as a business are putting the environment at the top of their agenda and expect renewable power as standard.”

Like E Park & Sons, Haven Power is committed to achieving sustainable energy usage and supporting other businesses to achieve their own sustainability goals.

James Pepper, Green Team Leader, at E Park said, “We chose to work with Haven Power to complement our own green initiatives because we want to be sustainable and want renewable electricity. We do not just look for a supplier, we look for a partner. Someone we can work together with to deliver an efficient service which benefits both parties.”

To find out more about E. Park’s green initiatives, please visit https://epark.co.uk/environment/

Information about the good work undertaken at Haven Power can be found at https://www.havenpower.com/

James Pepper – E Park & Sons Green Team Leader.

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